Here's The Perfect Solution To Show That You Care About Your Business and Your Customers - Get Clear Online and Lets Flush Out The Bad

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"Fed Up of Fixing Sub Standard Work?  Work With Me and Get Clear Online and Get Customers Looking at You!"

Paula Tadzik
Founder of Magic Tadzik
Berkshire, England


Are you spending time repairing poor jobs? 
Or repairing customers perception of plumbers?

Ever had to justify what you are doing and what you charge because the customer you are serving has been stung in the past?

IT'S A FACT - Millions of Unsuspecting People are Scammed Every Year by Plumbers and Tradespeople who are not Qualified to Do The Job!

With nearly 17 years working in the Plumbing Industry and accomplishing everything from being on the trade counter serving plumbers, to running the office and building a website that worked for the Business it's never been dull!

I was made Redundant due to Covid 19, so I upskilled my Tech Knowledge with hours of courses and spent thousands on myself and launched Magic Tadzik.

I was known as the go to person for resolving issues, being able to work with both plumbers and customers gives me a huge advantage. Plumbers and Customers trust me; since being made redundant I still have customers tracking me down and asking for Plumbers! I now have a Facebook Group full of customers looking for you.

I have been teaching others how to improve all or update sections of their Business to get greater benefit and growth - now let me help you.

Have You Tried to Find A Local Plumber on Google?

I find Large Companies and Plumbers with Poor Recommendations Are At The Top... Why Do They Get To Take Your Customers? 
Because They Pay!
Time for a Change - Level the Playing Field - Flush Out the Bad

After years of working alongside plumbers I have noticed that you don't always have the best online presence or a website. 

The reason? 

Well when your best asset is you and you are working 6/7 days a week with customers you don't have time or know where to start.

I see many standard companies who build these sites, but they don't understand plumbing or how to generate new customers for you!

I know how to build a local dedicated audience, which I can teach you. I know paying for ads and SEO is ineffective and expensive.

Standard Companies are more interested in upselling you benefits that suit them rather than you and your business. This makes them daunting and overwhelming and most of the time put you off altogether.

Let Paula and The Magic Tadzik Team get your Business looking amazing online and get you listed on our website with access to FREE Advertising. Let's build your Business locally, together.
Introducing "The Social Business Audit"
The Social Business Audit walks you through "How To" Update your Socials and Website With a check list of exactly what needs to be updated or amended to be more transparent online.

What can I Audit - 

Facebook - Yes
Twitter - Yes
Instagram - Yes
LinkedIn - Yes
Pinterest - Yes
Website - Yes

You will receive a personalised PDF containing a full breakdown on each of the platforms above - letting you know how to get your business over the 75% to be listed on our Website.
Access to FREE Advertising on my Website (£500 Value) Magic Tadzik will list you our website and produce a minimum of 5 adverts promoting your Business.

Advertise for free on Google (£75 Value) Use Google's features to get you noticed, all the links included and a "how to" walk through sheet.

Over 75 Conversation Starters for your Facebook page (£80 Value) Start conversations with thousands of potential customers in your local area and create that Like, Know and Trust Factor.

How to set up and use Automated emailing and save hours! (£95 Value) Gain access to an automated emailing platform that you can use for free for up to 2000 customers! You can send newsletters, boiler service reminders and even birthday messages! 

Total Value £1050

Yours for just £297 with all the amazing Bonus Modules for free

And a special on the DIY Socials below!

Here's The Perfect Solution To Making Sure Bad Tradespeople Don't Affect Your Customers...
For Only £297
Yes... for the price of Hammer Drill from Makita, you can have access to a full breakdown of how your Business is faring online and a "how to" guide of what to update and the opportunity to be listed on my Website with Advertising.

Sick of Paying for Advertising? 
Magic Tadzik can Show you how to Improve your Social Presence to Build a Local, Loyal Customer Base Without Paying for SEO or Ads!
  • ​Update your Online Presence
  • Receive a Full List of what to update
  • Opportunity to be listed on my Website
  • ​Be included in at least 5 adverts on my site over the next 12 months 
  • ​Save Hours on tasks like Emailing
  • ​Build a great, local reputation on Facebook
  • ​Be seen as a trusted plumber and have others recommend you!
  • ​Know your customers, create that Like, Know and Trust Factor and never worry about losing another customer ever!
What others have said...
Purchase your Audit Today 
(For Just £175)
And You'll Get All Of These Bonuses For FREE!
Bonus #1 - Opportunity to be listed on my Website for FREE for 12 Months
Get your Business Listed on my 
Website after an Audit!
  • Audit over 75% and have the option to have your details on my website
  • ​Customers searching for a plumber will find YOUR details
  • You benefit from free advertising with at least 5 adverts paid for by me
Total Value: £500
Bonus #2 - How to Advertise on Google for FREE
How To Get More Customers, In The Area You Live, using Free Google Advertising...Today!
  • This one page document makes it easy for you to be listed as a business on Google.
  • ​Customers searching online for a plumber will find YOUR details
  • You benefit from free advertising 
Total Value: £75
Bonus #3 - Over 75 Conversation Starters
Breaking News! 
Plumbers - Create Easy Engagement with Over 75 Conversation Starters just released. 
  • This downloadable document is the secret for you to start conversations on Facebook
  • Build the like, know and trust factor.
  • ​Build local, trusting customers who value you and your time and WILL recommend you
Total Value: £80
Bonus #4 - Automated Emailing Starter pack
The Proven, Regular Contact With Customers, System For Plumbers
  • Become your customers local plumber: by receiving your emails weekly or monthly you are creating a belief system that you are the 'go to' person
  • Build a relationship through email 
  • ​Keep your customers updated with your business plans
Total Value: £95

There is NO CATCH!

At this point you might be thinking "This sounds great Paula, but there's a catch, right?"

There's no catch!

I'm doing this because I care about unsuspecting customers being ripped off and I can help great plumbers to improve their online presence to connect with a trusted audience. 

I could choose to help a lot of people but you're my priority! There are other Social Media Managers for the rest of the world but, I am here to help you!

One of the biggest benefits is knowing what is working online for plumbers right now - should it need updating I will let you know!

All you need to do is register and you can get access now (even if it's 2am in the morning!)

Time Is Of The Essence...
This Is a LIMITED OFFER At This Price
My aim is to get rid of all the bad tradespeople out there scamming YOUR customers so I will extend the FREE Bonus Modules 
***Although they wont last forever***

Also I will need to start to make some money at some point so I will be pulling the Bonuses  - Check out the box below...
Here Is My "You've Gotta Be Crazy" Guarantee
If for any reason you don't get any benefit from it within 30 days, I'll refund your money and you can still keep access to the Members Area and PDF sheets to use in the future.

Just click the button to get started instantly.
You Must Act Fast!
Here's One Last Recap Of Everything You'll Get today When You Order The Business Social Audit
You Could Get The Script That Has Made Me More Money Than Anything Else I've Ever Done In This Business.
 Give Me A Social Business Audit And Bonuses RIGHT NOW For Just £297!
  Social Business Audit  (Value Over £300)
  FREE advertising for 12 months on my Website  (Value Over £500)
  Full Access To How to Advertise on Google for FREE (Value £75)
  Instant Access to over 75 converstation starters (Value £80)
  PDF - Emailing using an Automated system (Value £95)
Total Value: £1050
Today Just £297

         It's Not Just Social Media       
It's a Choice

I look forward to your Business joining mine and flushing out the bad in the industry

Thanks again,
Paula Tadzik

P.S. In case you jumped straight to the bottom and didn't see above, you are getting The Social Business Audit, providing you with a full comprehensive list emailed to you of what's working and what needs looking at to score over 75% to access my website for £297

Also you will also get for FREE How to advertise on Google, over 75 conversation starters and automated emailing sheet to help you send emails and save hours!

P.P.S One more thing, I will refund your money within 30 days if you think it's not valuable to your business. 

P.P.P.S - There is a very special price on the DIY Socials - scroll down!
 Step #1: Contact Information
 Step #2: Billing Address
 Step #3: Checkout
Everything Your Going To Get
  • Social Business Audit  (Value over £300)
  •  Free Advertising on my Website (Value £500)
  • Full Access To How to Advertise for FREE on Google (Value £75)
  • Instant Access To Over 75 Conversation Starters (Value £80)
  • Instant Access PDF of Automated Emailing (Value £95)
Total Value: £1050
Today Just £297

ONE TIME OFFER - £197: Yes I am not only wanting to be clear online but I want to know how to make it all possible and have all training modules available to me! I want it at this low price and I understand that I can not get it for £197 anywhere else! I want to know how to use Facebook, Google and Emailing to benefit my Business as well as creating my own business brand and logo. I understand that clicking this box means this will have a huge benefit to me and my customers.

Items Total
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